World AIDS Day

 Today is 1st December 2011, the world aids day.
maybe for some of you think that today isn’t a big day. but for them, they who suffer and fight against this cruel viruses, it’s not just a day. it’s a day when they’re remembered they’re being cared and maybe most of them are just being underestimated? stop descriminite
people with HIV/AIDS. do you know how could they infect with those vicious viruses? or at least do you care?
from now, please don’t underestimate them, discrimination never be a good way for them. just let them live as human being. they have right and they also have creation as a human.

once again, stay away from the virus not the person with it !
1st December 2011
ariesty rafika
keep positive ! ๐Ÿ™‚
thanks for reading

16 responses to “World AIDS Day”

  1. iyasih yaa, sebenernya kakak kelasku pas ikutan parpas di sidoarjo yang skrg di jurusan tekpal udah ngusahain paguyuban peduli aids di ITS tapi katanya ada masalah di perijinan apa gimana gitu do. hha sakit rek komennya sakiit wkwk. makasih do uda komen ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. @hufadz : iya hufadz, emang itu sih otomatis dan sangat manusiawi terjadi, tapi kalo kita ngerti hiv aids ngga menular melalui hubungan sosial biasa kita pasti bisa kok bersikap sewajarnya

    @firman : apasih naaak, mama jadi malu wakaka :))

    @kakak : iyaa bener kaka ! ๐Ÿ˜€


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