my dearest, Ayu

Hi My friend, my team, my almost-same personality, lol.
Happy birthday to you, you’re turning 21, it’s clearly not a teen-ager anymore, you must be more mature. 🙂
You know, I still remember how we first met, you with your green softlense suddenly came to me and asked me a ride to Informatics because we’re in the same class of Religion subject. You know, how I was feeling that time is like….. who is this girl, do I know her name? and whether her eye is green, it’s awkward to see someone with a green eyes…… And I was just like, okay you could join me, and you were keep talking like we had known each other. lol. I am sorry, I know I am not good at making friends, and you might think that I am an awkward and stiff girl with no respond by your really long conversation :))
remember this pict? :))
Today, is your big day, you have a right to celebrate it, but it’s wiser to you to evaluate yourself and prepare for years ahead. what I wish to you is, please don’t be so easy to cry, I know I am easy to cry too, but I hate seeing someone crying and I can’t help her, please just let me know if you have something to tell. well, though maybe I can’t help you, but at least maybe you will feel easier…
you had a great way of doing something, fast and good enough, but you’re easily to get panic too, don’t you ever feel alone, please. you have people who love you, if you don’t believe me, see how many people will tell their wish to you today, and how many candles and cakes or maybe gift you receive today. But you know, birthday is not those such thing, it’s about we’re getting old, and we have to behave like we are older, wiser, and more mature.
Happy birthday Ayu Nastiti, I might be not a good friends or one of your best team, but I promise I always be there if you need someone to talk, listening could be my best potential.
Your part of team, your friend, your favorite writer :p
Ariesty Rafika.
I wish you nothing but the best, happy birthday 🙂

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