Pilot post – Is it possible to pass the IELTS target without preparation course?

Hello, it’s been a while since I wrote my last post in my prior blog. I decided to move to wordpress because personally I think wordpress seems to be a more mature blog platform, no? okay, I said personally before, don’t judge. I don’t know why but I tend to create new blog every now and then, I had my high school blog and my college time one. I will try my best to be consistent in posting (whether maybe no body is actually waiting, but this is me trying to have a productive hobby) and try to post more useful posts. ^^

And my first post will be…….. *drumsroll

Is it possible to pass the IELTS target without preparation course?

Not so long ago, me and my friend, Ruzza took an IELTS test, September 26th to be exact and the results came right on the 13th day, October 9th. Believe me, I was so trembling when I opened the online web to check the result and even more surprised when I saw the result. Somehow I didn’t believe that the result turned out to be so good eventhough I missed my target on the writing section but it is still acceptable considering I didn’t sign up to any kind of IELTS course preparation which is very costly, even the test itself is so expensive :’) But Ruzza actually got a greater achievement than me. *thumbsup

After we passed the IELTS test with an acceptable minimum score in most universities, some of my friends asked, how did you learn? is it possible for me too to not join any preparation course? Somehow we gave people hope that everyone could pass the target. Here is my very personal opinion about taking IELTS. There is no guarantee that this will work to everyone, but I’ll give a try.

  1. Know your target. After knowing your target you should try to reflect how far your capability toward those target? Is it possible for you to do the self-learning? I believe we all know our own capability, no one knows better. If you consider your self not in a good position but you don’t have too much time to prepare, I suggest you to join preparation course, it is hard for most of the people to force themself to study (anything, not only IELTS). Or you could actually learn with some friends who have the same purpose to take IELTS test like I did with some of my friends, but you should know that this takes a long time, this is not an instant way. Me and my friends had already studying IELTS together since my early 7th semester, which is more than a year before I took the test, and still I missed my target score in writing.
  2. Try to find someone who could give you a feedback. It is easier to do a self-learning for reading and listening section because the answer key helps you to find out your score estimation. But the writing and speaking need a foreign or at least an expert to help you find out mistakes and know how to improve. We didn’t get these things when we learned alone or by fellow friends (who is also still learning). This is my excuse to have a bad result for my writing.
  3. Try to listen, read, write, and speak in English. Seems obvious? but it is actually not, because some people tend to be scared of making mistake, why should you? If English is not your first language, you are understandably to make mistake. Watch an English-speaking movie with English subtitle (or even without). Believe me or not, to improve my speaking skill I talked to my self in front of mirror, on the motorcycle seat (imagine how absurd it is) but it succeed to make me at least speak clearly, eventhough I am sure I made a lot of grammar mistake hehehe. Try to get used to read difficult-stuff in English, don’t be like me, I only read poems and novels in English, and some online news :’) Then try to update your social media caption in English, if someone corrects your grammar mistakes, accept it wholeheartedly, it is not a sin to make some grammar mistakes.
  4. Learn the writing structure. Especially for the academic test, there are components of writing you should complete, there are so many blogger who share the writing tips, and it helps a lot! And try to join a writing trial test once or twice even if you have to pay, because we need feedback.
  5. Keep calm. Some people may have a syndrome toward the test day, it is actually understandable considering the test is costly, but for your own sake, keep calm, you can’t take a step back anyway, just remember your target and remember how much you prepared for the day.

Those are what I can give to you, the last 2 tips come from Ruzza, anyway. Thanks tal. ^^

To conclude, it is possible (absolutely) to pass the IELTS score target without preparation course, if you know your target, you know your timeline, you know the possibility and your position toward your target. If you asked me if I had the opportunity (I mean budget) to join any preparation course, would I join? I would say yes without any hesitation, I believe I could achieve a better result moreover in writing and reading section. However, there is no guarantee to succeed the test even you already joined the preparation course. Some people just too lazy to attend the class, or lose focus, or never been interested the idea of learning English. But, personally I find it really helpful to have some helps in giving feedback and suggesting the tricks.

Quoting a sentence from someone (I forgot his name, sorry) who presented before I took the free-trial IELTS test (only for reading and listening actually) his saying boosted my confidence up because I was so indecisive to join or not the preparation course considering the cost. He said

“You don’t study IELTS, you study English”

Don’t be too busy practicing (only) with the sample tests, learn the basics. Seriously, it helps. Good luck for everyone who intents to take IELTS test. Believe yourself, if you find any doubt in yourself, prepare more and more, just be prepared. ๐Ÿ™‚

nb: My writing score is 6, so bear with my grammar mistakes, please? I am still learning too. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • hi rara, ya ampun aku baru buka blog setelah sekian lamaa, boleh boleeh hehe. insyaAllah jadinya University of Edinburgh ra. doain lancar yaa. ๐Ÿ™‚


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