Just Jessica Jones

It’s been 2 weeks after my first post and I still don’t know what to write even when I am typing now(?). I wanted to post weekly but I failed since the first post. :’)

Okay, so I want to review Jessica Jones, a TV series based on Marvel Comics. Disclaimer, I have not read any of Marvel comics and I am not any superhero series fanboygirl, for me, good show is a good show.

I have been following some of running series, of course each series has their own interesting part. But here I tell you why Jessica Jones season 1 is a must-watch series.


The main role is a woman (obviously) and in my opinion Ritter is a perfect match to play this super-strength gifted woman, Jessica Jones. I like how it is completed with a strong friendship and family problems, and of course also love in a very reasonable portion.


Jones has a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) she got from her former mind-controller not-really-boyfriend who she believed had already dead, Kilgrave. He made her killed an innocent woman with her super strength bare hand under his control and that mistake haunted her life. Jones is a private investigator, she lives alone and tends to get away from people, even from her bestfriend, Trish, a popular radio host.

Turns out, Kilgrave is not dead yet, he has a grudge toward Jones, who left him there to die in the bus accident. He uses his mind control ability to do bad things and tries hard to get Jones back under his control. Jones, who know exactly how dangerous he is refuses help from people around her because she doesn’t want to risk anyone. But the problem’s getting complicated and many decision she made had gone wrong.

The problem resolving cycle in this series runs with the right distribution so we don’t lose the goosebumps in every episode. This is a dark theme series, so much blood-scene contained, some adult scenes.

I like how the lightweight dialog balancing the dark and complicated problems. You won’t find those meaningful or inspiring quotes. But I like this part of dialog, Jones with Trish before Jones attempted to face Kilgrave.

J: You wont know if I’m minion of evil. (In case she is under Kilgrave’s control)

T: Well we need a signal, something you would never say like sardines or pickle juice. You say it, you’re still you.

J: Something I never say, like I love you.

She said I love you to her best friend with that kind of expression. :))

This becomes meaningful conversation considering Jones is a very cold and not a woman with a sugar sweet talk. hahaha. I know I am this weepy when it comes to family or best friends scene, but really my heart gets warm when I watch this scene.

So there is that, for the record, I know this series is only a small part of the overall marvel comic and certainly there are previous stories that I do not know. This review comes from a common TV series lovers who is inexpert about marvel story.

Enjoy this 13 episodes of awe.  You could actually finish this film less than a day ((I know it seems so freak and not productive, let’s say it is the perks of having so much free time. Anyway, I could not resist the curiosity of the next episode))

ps: You would find out this post’s title meaning when you already watched the first time Jessica Jones and Kilgrave met scene.

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