All Praise belong to Allah

In the midst of the confusion, insecurity of where would I go in life? Am I too selfish? Am I dreaming too high? What should I do? Allah lets me have a clue. I know no matter how much I was preparing for the unexpected result, I might not able to accept the fact. Even I have planned some other ways if this doesn’t work like I want. I had like 5 other plans (or more) as choices in life. Yet, it is Allah, the most merciful the most gracious, who has always been helping me, with his permission I could be granted an opportunity to walk in my  first plan, my plan A. It is like no matter how much words I typed, would not describe how much I am grateful for this luck.


I am not even close to my greater goal, I still haven’t accepted to any universities yet, even I am still under qualified for a requirement, but still what kind of people that not grateful for being granted for this?

Even it would be so much better if all of my friends were accepted, I know there would be another way for him, anyway.

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