Modern Telegram

So this was how telegram used to be? (pic taken from google)

Well actually to be honest, I am not even sure if the above picture is how telegram used to be, but no, I would not review that telegram, I would review a telegram messenger. The initial release actually was 2 years ago, but I also just found out this chat messenger recently.

When the first time I was told that I have to install another messenger application, I was annoyed, I though this is too many…… why don’t we use whatsapp or line? but turned out Telegram is an interesting and powerful messenger. These are some reasons when to use Telegram messenger as your choice:


  1. Telegram has a super-group feature, you can upgrade up to 1000 members, you might think you would not need those many people in a group but just in case you need it sometime, telegram would do. :3
  2. It really helps when you have to make a quick decision when you could not meet each other, because it has a poll bot, to help you decide something by voting.
    You could make a multiple answers. (pic taken from google)

    It even provides final result’s percentage for each option
  3. The mobile application storage for telegram is lighter than whatsapp and LINE.
  4. It also has the mobile and pc version, don’t worry.
  5. And it also has these super needed version
    shared media and action
    no more difficulties finding the file yay


  6. It has a channel feature, it is used to broadcast information one way from a source.
    No more scrolling to find an important chat. (pic taken from google)


  7. You could also reply or mention one particular person or statement in a group and give them direct notification so they would not have to scroll around so many chats.

    they won’t be confuse. (pic taken from google)
  8. And you don’t have to invite one buy one to add member, it has a shared links so each member could join by an invite link. so yayy for so many members group, moreover when you don’t know each other yet.
  9. You could make your own stickers from .png or .jpg by substituting the emoji. :p
Triplets because why not? :))

10.  It is free, don’t worry.

I don’t know much about the security to be honest, so I could not review how secure telegram is. But yea, you could consider above reasons to join Telegram when you need it.

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