Dear The One Who Inspire Us

Good morning, Bu.

It’s another October 11th coming which means another happy birthday for you. We wonder if you ever imagined influencing a lot of students that you taught(/teach). We believe that we are only two of so many students that you have helped to reach their goal. To move more than a thousand miles from home. To reach beyond what we have ever dared to dream.

Happy birthday, dear Bu Mahendrawathi. We will be forever in debt and grateful for the lecture and lessons you’ve taught, the advice, the supervision, and the recommendation letter you sincerely wrote for us that has sent us here, pursuing our master degree.

Happy birthday, Bu. We wish you nothing but the best, to always be inspiring, healthy, also surrounded by happiness. Thank you is an understatement for us to give to you. We will always remember your advice and try not to disappoint you, Bu.

To get in here is what you have believed in us, to get out of here is how we can prove that you didn’t give your trust in vain.

Once again, happy birthday, Bu Mahendrawathi, the one who inspire us.

Best Regards from Edinburgh and Nottingham.

Ariesty Rafika and Ratna Aisyah Savitrie.

4 responses to “Dear The One Who Inspire Us”

  1. Dear Aik dan Vivie,
    Thank you so much for a very touching post. It really brings the smile in my face 🙂
    It is a real pleasure for me to have the chance to teach you both…and even greater joy to see you thrive!!
    Cant wait to hear all your experience.


    • You’re welcome Bu, We actually thought it could bring the happy tears. :p
      Will try to experience many things, and inspire others like you do 😀
      happy birthday (again) Bu, Have a blessed life ahead.
      More Love.


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