Been So Long

People say we could be the most creative when we’re either in love or broken-heart. We could write anything towards out feeling, and those two kind of feelings are the most powerful feeling, they say.

I have an unpopular opinion that when we feel nothing, we could actually channel our heart to any kind of feelings and that should make me more creative than ever, and by that I should write more. It’s been so long since the last time I wrote poet or some fictions, and here comes my cheesiness soul.


“I might be late, you can wait while reading the book that you have been carrying all of these time” You sent me a message. I look into my bag and find the book that I could not read because I barely have time.

It is surprising to know that someone cares about something that I don’t even realize. Honestly, I am flattered and I somehow crave more.
But out of all the people, why it should be you.

“What did he say?” your girlfriend, who is also my best friend, asks.
“He will be late, as usual” I shrug.

“Why do you love me?”
“Why did you ask?”
“Out of curiosity.”
“Me too.”
“I am curious, how could a person makes my heart beats faster and slower at the same time.”
“You know that makes me cringe.”
“I want to find out how could you be both intimidating and cute, clever yet humble, bold but know what is enough.”
“Enough. Now I am scared you will lose interests at me when you know everything.”
“When the time comes, I will spend the rest of my life wondering what was the good deed I have done to have you.”

I love green, you should easily find out by looking at my stationeries and accessories.

I am confident wearing all the dark colour loose t-shirt, you know I don’t like to attract attention.

Though I am that predictable, you always ask what I want for birthday and eventually buy me a red skinny jeans. I still love it because it is from you.

I order the same menu most of the time, just like I always did. But you still ask, maybe it means you appreciate my choice.

Or maybe you do not notice because simply you do not care.

Last special 150 words story.

Is it easy for you to play dumb? Neglecting lingers feelings when we are together? Is it just me ridiculously yearning all the annoying yet lovely behaviour of yours?

I always wonder why didn’t we meet each other earlier? Why should I hold back all the things I want to say and do for you. I know you know that it is hard for me too. To tell and act significantly different from my heart desires.

I know I should not be selfish, I know there is no good if we are together. Let’s just stay like this, let’s just pretend we sense nothing.

“Why are you nodding by yourself like crazy? Are you out of your mind?”
“Why do you even care what I am doing, I am not even talking to you”

Let’s just bicker to each other till we forget we have such a guilty pleasure feeling.

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