Living in pandemic: A Year Recap

It’s been a complete revolution of the earth on its axis since the first confirmed case of Covid-19 published by the media. A period of time that both felt so slow and fast at the same time. I witnessed my child grow up close but also sad to not be able to develop his social skill well since, besides doctor visits, we barely go out. Yes, I and my husband have the privilege to work from home, this makes us both has no urgency to go out regularly, even for groceries (thanks for all the online services). I know exactly that we could not go on forever in hiding like this, but so far the national handling of this issue still a long way to go for the pandemic to be well contained.

Sure, I’d love the flexibility in working from home policy, it’s safer and easier for me as a new mom who breastfeeds her kid most of the time. But I wanted to meet my friends and family without being paranoid anymore. From the anxiety that makes me hard to breathe every time I saw the number of case update to now even though I am still not having the courage to go out but I came to a point that I pray even if any of my family caught it, it could pass like a common cold. I live with a one-year-old who still couldn’t express what’s in his mind that’s why I would not have the heart to imagine the bad thing, I also live with my mom who is more than 50 years old, me and my husband also honestly do not have the healthy life habit. Long story short I don’t have the luxury to easily get access should something happened. People have their own measured risk and the consequences they could manage, and that’s why I always accept how people react differently in this pandemic. Some people said they still visit tourist places to help people who work in this sector. Great, it’s a really good intention. However, while I am staying home, I am also helping run the economics by shopping a lot online. So everyone is facing their own battle, let’s keep helping each other more oven in this hard time.

Living in a global pandemic time makes me realize that having the power to make policy as a government is really a hard job to do, no policy that could please everyone. In this crisis, it feels like it’s quite obvious what the priority is for me as the observer but in practice, I have no idea how messy it is. That’s how I came to the conclusion that having power could be a ticket to heaven when you make the right choice, the best for most people. However it could also backfire for the afterlife judgment (yes, I believe in it) when the policies made tend to be profitable for fewer people or even their own parties. Ah, what do I know about politics? I pray for the government to find the right and easy path to contain the pandemic at the national level, soon. I wish them to have a good heart enough to make the right choice one after another. Break a leg every one!

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