27 and Given

So today I am turning 27, the bigger number the less exciting this particular day for me, not that I am unhappy tho, It just feels like another day passed. I am content with spending my time with my family and close friends, even if some friend forgot about today, It’s totally okay, I believe everyone has enough in their plate already. I even wished my HR team would forget to post the today’s birthday reminder to the office whatsapp group, Alhamdulillah it got soon covered with Ramadan greetings *fiuh*

These previous months notably harder for me. Yes, it’s already hard before, it just intensifies. A lot of thought came and went into my mind then somehow I decided something big that I might not all happy about it. Still, I believe in this challenging time, this is currently the most realistic settlement to this ongoing turbulence.

All in all, I am super grateful to have my family and friends around me. To have a very supportive and understanding spouse, cute son, and reliable Mom in my closest circle. They make it somehow bearable and keep me sane during this crazy time. I love you, especially you, dear Husband.

Still so hard to get pictures with this cutie

Alhamdulillah, we got the chance to meet Ramadan this year too, still a lot to catch up on my akhirah side since I always made my son an alibi to be unable to do more than the required. I wish us all who read this would be able to do the best on this Ramadan and onwards. Cheers.

psst wishes on my birthday: my son starts speaking meaningful words besides babbling and got friendlier to a new environment (currently very clingy to his grandma, poor my mom needs to carry him every time we went out), aamiin for us?

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